Our goal is simple. We want to change things for the better.

We provide technology to reduce effort, improve processes and produce useful information when you need it.

CoNVerge is the hosted central hub of our mobile solutions. It is scalable, secure and we manage everything for you. Currently we have solutions deployed on Windows and iOS. Thanks to CoNVerge all the data is right there for analysis, alerting and reporting.

What’s more, we have designed CoNVerge to work alongside your existing systems. We aim to enhance, not replace. Why not drop us an email to see how we could help?

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Electronic Technical Log

Our ETL (Electronic Technical Log) gives you minute by minute visibility of your total fleet on the CoNVerge portal. Management of defects and recurring line maintenance tasks are built in. Data can be integrated into your maintenance system – no more manual data entry. And you don’t need to worry about managing any of the technology.

Panasonic case study.

  • Customised to your processes to cause minimal change
  • Designed for ease of use to simplify training and introduction to crew.
  • Built in remote management with multiple backup and recovery strategies
  • Provided with NVable support and commitment

ETL: Interactive Damage Reports

Damage is pinpointed on one of the detailed diagrams of the aircraft covering wings, tail, underside, topside, left and right. Date and time stamped photographs can be recorded along with descriptions, measures etc. A full audit of damage available at the aircraft and on the CoNVerge portal.

  • Customised per aircraft type. Mixed fleet? No problem
  • Simple to use
  • Full traceability of damage through detection to resolution, with accompanying photographs

Line Maintenance Control Module

The LMC module allows Maintrol to review the work required across the fleet and plan how to deliver it in a proactive manner – at both a day-to-day level and with a view on the medium to long term planning. Defects and recurring maintenance tasks are aligned to overnight locations, with the stations receiving a daily email summary of work required, including any supporting notes and documentation for their allocated tasks. The module sends the tasks to the ETL to track completion.

  • Visibility of overnight task planning and completion
  • Automated communication with line stations and simplified management
  • Better capacity planning at line stations

Electronic Forms

The training form iPad application supports configurable assessments and courses, allowing trainers to capture all relevant details and transmit results centrally once complete. Assessments are validated to ensure scoring rules are adhered to and alerting ensures that management can act on problem areas. The CoNVerge portal provides access to all historical information and management processes.

  • Ability to create new forms through the form designer on the CoNVerge portal
  • Add alerting for both management and crew
  • Automate acknowledgement of course feedback

ETL: Fan Blade Balancing

It can be time consuming if you don’t have reliable information about what weights are on which blades. What should be a short task takes more time than planned and can have a knock on impact. Our Fan Blade Balancing module records applied weights and synchronises it with the CoNVerge portal. The current data for each aircraft is there for everyone along with an audit trail of changes. Simple.

  • Plan adjustments with the knowledge of the current configuration
  • Securely share access to the information with staff and third parties

Analysis and Alerting

Literally all of the data collected from all our Apps are available for real time analysis. CoNVerge not only allows all the data to be combined and compared, it allows complex calculations to be automatically performed and incorporated into your analysis. And each element of data can be used to triggers alerts – so you are kept informed at all times.

  • Create alerts for the right people across your organisation – never miss a failure signal again
  • Analysis can be shared across the organisation, everyone can have real time access to the data that matters
  • Data from different parts of the business (and applications) are available to combine and analyse